Go to Manchester

Another place called after the English town, Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire. Its great urban area is surrounded with greenery – forests and parks make it a desirable town to live in. The guests will find great recreational as well as urban opportunities to have fun.

Why to go there?

Discover amazing shopping opportunities and restaurants here in Manchester.

Manchester-Photo by Bryce Dalhaus

Photo by Bryce Dalhaus


Photo by Unknown


Visit Portsmouth

It is a popular tourist attraction for its coast is lined up with picturesque colorful houses. It also offers various coastal amusements, provides visitors with accommodation, historic landmarks and recreation sites.

Why to go there?

See the beautiful town, visit its museums, parks and try local fresh seafood. It is one of the most romantic little towns in the state.

Portsmouth-Photo bby Deremer Studio

Photo bby Deremer Studio


Photo by Unknown

Portsmouth-Photo by Harry Lichtman

The Little White Church, Eaton

Posited on the shore of Crystal Lake, the Little White Church might be the most recognizable landmark in the state. The church welcomes visitors and also offers the space for the weddings or various other events.

Why to go there?

The entire surroundings including the church are postcard pretty, worth visiting once in the state.

Church-David Gargano

Photo by David Gargano


Photo by Unknown

IMG_6241a.jpg 10-09-04 Foliage Trip Barb Jay

Visit Canterbury

The town features Canterbury Shaker Village, founded in the 19th century by the Shaker community. Today it serves as a museum and a historic site. Visitors can observe the unique architecture of the small community and learn about its culture, moral values and concept of spirit.

Why to go there?

The village provides an insight into the small American community and its unique lifestyle.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

NEN004 Canterbury Shaker Village, NH --- Image by © Holmes Photogra My Photography/Index Stock/Corbis

Visit New Castle

The smallest community in the state, New Castle is found on an island. In summer it is a popular tourist destination, as it offers various fun water sports like boating, sailing, swimming, fishing and more.

Why to go there?

Visit the Fort Constitution Historic Site and the Fort Stark Historic Site and learn about American history.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

NewCastle-Photo by Deremer Studios

See Glen Ellis Falls

The Ellis River runs 16.7 mi (26.9 km) through the White Mountains. At the highest peak on its journey the river drops 64 feet (20 m) and forms Glen Ellis Falls. The very picturesque site can be quickly accessed from Route 16.

Why to go there?

There is a well maintained hiking trail around the river, making the trip nice and easy.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

GlenEllis-Photo by VermontDreams

Go to Concord

The capital of New Hampshire is a picturesque and very American-like city. Visitors will find plenty of accommodation, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes. There are also many parks, that provide with recreational activities. Historic landmarks, museums and venues offer cultural entertainment year round.

Why to go there?

A hub of cultural activities the city is a must-visit once in the state.


Photo by Unknown

Main Street at dusk in Concord, New Hampshire.

Photo by Unknown


Go to White Mountain National Forest

The nature reserve provides great environment and plenty of activities year round. In spring and summer visitors go hiking, climbing, mountain biking, fishing and many more. Whereas in winter the adventurers can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and more.

Why to go there?

A nice getaway for the nature lovers.

White-Photo by David Gifford

Photo by David Gifford


Photo by Unknown


Drive Mount Washington Auto Road

Part of New England, New Hampshire drops into the climate zone, which has four very distinct seasons. The nature boasts rivers, lakes, mountains and forests, that make a striking foliage in fall, worth to visit and admire.

Why to go there?

The scenic Mount Washington Auto Road runs through the region. It leads to the summit of Mount Washington, thus promising spectacular panoramic views.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown